Image Courtesy of Westbury Tavern

Oven Stands

There are three stand options:

  • Brick Built – You get your builder in
  • Teardrop Stainless Steel – Standard & Deluxe Models
  • Basic Galvanised Steel

We offer a number of cost-effective options for pre-built stands if you choose not to get your builder to make your own. Time is money and our stands are the quickest route to getting your oven up and running.


Galvanised Steel Stand

If your oven is on display and you have chosen the teardrop stainless steel cap, then the matching teardrop stand would be a good choice. I know that the stainless steel teardrop stand may seem expensive but every time a customer has tried to get one made them they end up costing more.

If your oven is not on display you could simply go for our basic galvanised rectangular stand.

Installing your oven

Oven stands 1

Stainless steel teardrop stand

Most people underestimate the complexities of installing an oven that weighs between 450kg and 800 kg. If your restaurant or venue has a wide access door then your oven can be wheeled in and lifted into place with a genii lift by your builder.

If access is tricky (or even if it isn’t) we can give you complete peace of mind and install your oven for you.


Lifting rig installing a Woodfired Oven

We have a range of specially designed rigs that will get your oven through even a standard single doorway without damaging it. As long as the installation is on ground level, we have yet to find a situation where we have not been able to install. Once we know more about your specific needs and the choice of oven we will be able to advise.