Love Your Garden

Andy’s Oven When Alan asked if I could help with this episode to be honest at first I thought why! Then I heard Andy’s story and deep down something resonated with me. Earlier this year I too underwent lower bowel surgery and in truth it was 30 days of hell, something that I would not…
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Win a Bushman Wood Fired Oven of your own!

Like, share and tag on Facebook to get a chance to win £3,500 towards a Bushman Wood-fired oven of your choice. £3,500 gets you a fabulous small oven package complete with stand and onion dome shaped oven. Or put the prize towards a bigger oven and start your own mobile or catering business! What are…
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Bushman’s new Santorini – finally, an authentic wood fired oven for people with regular gardens

There’s one question we’ve heard time and again over the last 20 years: “Will you ever produce an oven that works for someone like me?” That question hides a lot of issues. Like fitting a tight garden space and a budget that won’t stretch to a handmade oven. Not an easy feat. But undeterred, we took on…
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