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Using a box of lighter blocks and 15kg of Homefire Smokeless Coal or logs the chiminea will start to radiate heat after 20mins and rise to its maximum temperature after 1.5 hours. It will continue to burn for 3hrs before reducing gradually over a 12-hour cooling period. it is capable of radiating heat forward for up to 15ft on a summer's evening and will keep up to 15 people comfortably warm. It is the outdoor heater of choice for large gardens or where maximum heat output is important.

To maintain the fantastic heat output simply add more coal or logs.

  • Size: 130cm x 65cm
  • Weight: 130kg Approx
  • Effective Heat For Up to 15 people
  • Mouth Size: 47cm wide, 33cm high
  • Ideal Setting Large patios or open gardens

Included: Maxi Bushman Burner, Fire Grate, 8″ metal stand, and Rain lid.

Made from a patented reinforced blend of industrial clays, unlike normal chimineas, it will stand up to the harshest British weather conditions so you can keep it outdoors and even use it on cold starry winter nights. With just 15kg of coal and a box of firelighters, your Maxi will start to radiate heat after 20 minutes and can keep up to 15 people comfortably warm for more than 3 hours.

And of course, it will come into its own in the warmer season, meaning you can use your garden late into the night from spring through to autumn. If it starts to rain, no bother, your Bushman chiminea can cope. It may sizzle a bit but it will still keep burning.

If you’re not in a smoke control area and are burning logs, you can even use it to cook and barbeque with. There’s no question. This is the burner of choice for the larger garden.


Please Note:

Unfortunately, we no longer manufacture the small or medium bushman burners featured in the video