Solving the problem of Low-Cost Housing

The Proof of Concept Dome (illustrated below) was built by 3 people in 2009 and took less than 2 weeks to construct and finish each stage of the main construction – 3 coats of concrete took just 4 hours to complete!

Coming from South Africa, I have witnessed the ‘Shanty Towns’ and slum dwellings firsthand. My parents were very involved in many Fund Raising Events to rebuild some of the Townships around Johannesburg and the Charitable Orphanages associated with this type of living.

Whilst labour is cheap in the third world, there is so much corruption and back-handed dealings that very often the funds are whittled away until almost nothing remains. The goods that are then purchased for the construction are so highly sought after for the shanty dwellings that it is literally stolen in broad daylight!

For example, we have known of houses that have had the roof stolen during the night

For example, we have known of houses that have had the roof stolen during the night.

Apart from the very low cost of construction, one of the best things about the Dome Home is the small amount of materials required. This, together with the high speed of construction and the fact that once a Dome Home has been built the resulting home has no residual value other than as a home.

There are no roof panels to be pilfered and the windows fit the Dome and no other house!

We have patents pending on the construction process and have made worldwide PCT applications to protect early investments in this very viable process

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