What to expect at one of my consultations?

For a start we’ll cook some great pizza. I’ll show you how I cook pizza and discuss the profitability of my model. I’ll reveal some of the myths about this industry and the insider secrets to success.

Together we will look at your business model and see how we can improve it. So come fully prepared with all your questions and I’ll answer as many of them as I can.

It’s fair to say that everyone who has attended has got way more than they expected but less than I could share.

What happens next?

After you attend the seminar you have two choices. You can place an order for one of my ovens and unlock all the secrets to profitable mobile catering or you can go elsewhere and struggle.

Even if you decide that this business isn’t for you then it will be the best two hours you’ve ever spent.

I’ve had plenty of customers who had bought elsewhere for whatever reason and struggled. They have then attended my seminar, realised what they were doing wrong, bought from us, implemented our systems and never looked back.

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Why do you charge an upfront non-attendance fee?

I think I know what you are thinking. You have just read the terms and conditions for attending the consultation and you are thinking to yourself I’m not paying that!

But before you walk away remember that we only keep your money if you don’t turn up. I’m a busy man. I have a lot of ovens to make. And I don’t want any time wasters or tyre kickers.

You see in the early days when I started these seminars I got a lot of no-shows. It not only wasted my time but what was worse is that I could have offered the spot to someone else who did want to come. I’ve been running this system for five years now and as a result I’ve only had two no-shows. They didn’t become customers either.

So if you’re a time waster or tyre kicker, then stay away.

And if you are serious about moving forward then all the non-attendance fee does is make sure that you attend. As long as you turn up at the appointed time it’s free. We give you your money back at the end of the seminar. Book your consultation now.

If a customer can make an appointment to attend from Australia and arrive on time, then so can you. I had a customer who booked from Munich. I thought he was flying in but at the appointed time he arrived in his van. He hated planes so chose to drive a 2,000km round trip.

If you can’t see the huge benefit from a one to one consultation then it’s obvious that you will never be a customer of mine. It’s also true that you probably can’t afford what I have to offer and so the system has proven itself and served its purpose.

And if you still need convincing check out these testimonials.

“I wish I had come to see you 6 months ago. You have saved us thousands of pounds and more importantly it’s obvious that what we had planned would not work.”

Here is that booking form again. I look forward to meeting with you.