Santorini Oven

The Santorini is the ultimate wood fired pizza oven for rural and urban gardens. Meeting DEFRA standards, the Santorini is the first high performance refractory clay oven to fit any outdoor space. Compact yet powerful, it can cook two pizzas at once so you can easily make 30 pizzas an hour, – including prep time.

The brick dome, clay refractory and stone floor tiles store the heat when the oven gets hot and emit the heat back into the heart of the oven as it cools down for a constant, stable temperature.
All Bushman tiles are replaceable, which further extends our ovens’ lifespan – unlike regular pizza ovens where the tiles are fixed.

✔Authentic pizza, hot from your oven in 45 seconds
✔Party size – produces 30 Roma-style pizzas an hour: 14 inch for sharing
✔You can also cook fish, rump steak, veggie treats, a roast, … speak to Jay for inspiration!
✔Minimal smoke when lit and fuelled correctly
✔Easy self-assembly: built and fired up in 2 hours (or with wide access, we can deliver fully assembled)

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