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Testimonial on Bushman Wood Fired Ovens from Andrew and Glen at the Dough and Arrow

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7 essential steps to set up a mobile business pizza business

Starting a business is a daunting challenge

Starting a mobile one is full of hidden challenges, with the internet awash with conflicting arguments from people who have set up and been trading for weeks claiming to be experts on the subject and videos awash on YouTube TikTok and Facebook.

I’m sure you are wondering who to believe!  Well, that’s easy, simply look at the testimonials from customers I have helped start and run businesses.
When you visit and work with me I do not mollycoddle you or simply tell you what you want to hear. Instead I draw from the real day-to-day experiences of my over 350 customers. gleaned over 25 years. So if you are serious about getting it right the first time then come and pay me a visit.

My solutions are not the cheapest on the market, in fact they are refreshingly expensive and what I offer you in quality service and after-sale support is unparalleled in the industry.

My true passion is in helping you change your life by helping you achieve the financial or lifestyle freedom you are looking for. Simply reading the testimonials from my clients for over 25 years verifies this commitment, and if you are serious about making a change and investing in your future I would love to help you.


Benefits of a pizza van conversion

The charm of a pizza van conversion lies in its mobility and flexibility. Unlike a traditional brick-and-mortar pizzeria, a pizza van allows you to take your delicious creations on the road, reaching a broader customer base. Whether it's a bustling street corner, a local festival, or private events, your mobile pizzeria can cater to different locations and target diverse audiences. This adaptability opens up endless opportunities for growth and increased profitability.

A pizza van conversion offers a cost-effective solution for aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned restaurateurs alike. Setting up a full-fledged restaurant can involve significant upfront costs, but with a pizza van, you can achieve your culinary dreams without breaking the bank. The conversion process can be tailored to suit your budget and requirements, allowing you to prioritise essential equipment while maintaining high-quality standards. Moreover, operational expenses like rent and utility bills are significantly reduced, giving you better control over your profit margins. Embracing the pizza van trend can be a game-changer, enabling you to carve out a niche in the food industry while offering an unforgettable dining experience to pizza lovers on the move.


What our customers say

Sole Luna Wood-Fired Pizza

My experience with Jay and Dingley Dell was really amazing. From my first meeting with him, I realise that I have next to me not a salesman who wants to sell his product but a person who gave me all the information and advice to run a business and the steps to grow and to…

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Amore Pizza

After eight years of using Jay’s Medium 80cm Bushman oven in my Citroen H van, I thought it might be time to share a review on how this oven has served me..didn’t want to be too hasty.. Since day one it’s been an eye-catcher with people always complimenting how good it looks and constantly asking…

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Sommi Pizza

I first came across Jay when I was researching to purchase a woodfire oven for a new food truck business I was looking to launch. As a complete novice in this area, I was both surprised and delighted when he invited me up to his workshop for a consultation meeting. What I learned in the…

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Chow Pizza

We’ve been active for about 6 months now and Chow Pizza has enabled us to live & work on our own terms ever since it started back in September. Something we required from this whole idea. We asked Jay to help us jump-start our new pizza business but we wanted to try and keep things…

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Stephen’s Wood-Fired Pizza

My journey into owning a new pizza wagon started with an informative introductory session with Jay. I was expecting to be sold something & I did expect him to pressurise me into buying something that I didn’t really want. I went along to the introductory session with a completely open mind. I’d already said to…

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