Selling pizza from a van has some serious advantages. You don’t need an additional vehicle to tow a trailer, you and your staff keep nice and warm and the van itself can act as a customer magnet. If a pitch isn’t working, it’s easy to up sticks and everything should be self-contained*.

Modern vans are by far the most popular choice, closely followed by those who opt for an H-van. But there are a huge number of things that you need to consider before you choose one or the other – cost being the main one. I remember back in 2010 when an H-van cost about £4k now you are lucky to get one for £22k.

van conversion

*There’s also the right and the wrong way to convert an ape. When the Pizza Pilgrims started their business they asked for advice but because they hadn’t bought one of my ovens I couldn’t help. The result is an ape that just carries an oven and needs a support vehicle to operate. We’ve worked out a way to fit the perfect compact and complete kitchen and oven on the back of an ape. Good enough for street trading, fantastic for small festivals and ideal for private parties it has a few limitations but not many as this is a complete solution. And it really packs a punch.

If you are interested in coming to check it out because you want to start your own catering business then our free discovery seminar is for you. We will go through all of the business models and options. It’s fair to say you won’t quite believe all the thought that has gone into making our ovens.

So before you go putting down deposits for van conversions come and visit me. I’ve helped 100s of happy customers all over the world start their own wood fired pizza business. You won’t be disappointed with what you learn. And once we have sat down and discussed what you want to achieve we can quote you for one of our ovens.