There are ape conversions and there are ape conversions…a right way and a wrong way. When the pizza pilgrims started their business they asked for advice on how to set out their ape unfortunately they were not using one of my ovens and as a result did not benefit from the right advice the result an ape that just caries an oven and needs a support vehicle to operate not a good thought process.

I believe that we have built the perfect compact kitchen on the back of an ape good enough for street trading fantastic for small festivals and ideal for private parties it does still have its limitations not many as this is a complete solution and it certainly packs a punch. If you are interested in coming to check it out with a view to starting your own catering business then our free discovery consultation is the place.

We will go through all of the business models and show you how fantastic this conversion really is its fair to say you wont quite believe your eyes at all of the thought that has gone into making this such a perfect unit.

ape conversion

We have taken this unit one step further so you can also get it on a tow behind trailer. No more speed limitations no more restrictions on driving on the motorway just hook up and go the ultimate in compact kitchen design.


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