The no-frills trailer is our entry level catering solution. It’s an oven on a trailer. But what an oven, and what a trailer! All our ovens are able to cook delicious thin based pizza in 45 seconds. A two man team can churn out 70 pizzas an hour using the medium oven. That’s a lot of customers served quickly with very little overhead.

Long experience has taught us that farmers’ trailers are the best. They may not look pretty but they don’t rust and given the vagaries of British weather this is crucial. And who wants to take half an hour to polish the mud off a pretty, shiny trailer every time they set up?

So assuming that you have a minimum of £15k available to set up your business, take a look at the different oven and stand out trailer options we offer. And sign up for our discovery seminar so we can make sure that this is the right option for you.

no frills square medium oven1. Our standard insulated oven takes over 12 hours to cool down so there is literally nothing you can’t cook in it.

2. What’s more, because it’s insulated the oven temperature is more uniform so you get a much more even cooking experience.

no frills onion shaped1. Upgrade to our onion shaped oven. There’s no difference in the cooking ability but the shape is beautiful and makes an impressive statement at any event.

2. It does make for a higher oven so getting into a standard garage can be tricky. If access is a must then take a look at the no frills low onion profile oven.

no frills low profile1. The low onion profile oven was designed for people who want to be able to get the oven into the garage but still benefit from the wow factor of the onion shape.

2. Upgrade to the rotating oven with low onion profile and because the chimney exits vertically from the centre of the oven, you’ll only ever need to cut one hole in the middle of your gazebo as the oven rotate arounds that fixed point.


Rotating Top

Rotating top on the trailer is a development that we are really proud of it took ages to get it right as spinning a 450 -650 kg oven around effortlessly takes some engineering let alone mounting it onto a trailer the benefits of the rotating top are many the biggest one being that it can be operated from any side or any angle on the trailer if you have the money for the up grade to rotating top its a no brainer.

Customers with rotating tops:
ambers wood fired kitchen, spectacular goat, its all food

Square Set

  • This is our standard oven available in insulated and uninsulated versions.
  • The oven is fixed to the trailer so you’ll have to park it the right way round each time you set up. Want more flexibility? Upgrade to the rotating oven.
  • Each oven built into a fully galvanised famer’s trailer which isnot going to rust or fall to pieces. It’s industrial looking but it can go anywhere and it won’t look out of place. Fields, farmers markets, street events, you name it.
  • It’s built low enough to be locked away overnight in a standard garage but high enough so that you don’t break your back cooking pizza.
  • Just because it’s our entry level set up don’t assume it’s inferior in any way. It’s got everything you need to make a hugely successful business.

Hi Jay
It was over 4 1/2 years ago I bought my oven from you and boy have I had a journey! My business has gone from wanting a hobby and “I know – I’ll do street food” – to a full time job doing over 60 private hires a year. I couldn’t have done it without my trusty oven. It’s been a fantastic bit of kit, enabling me to bake 100 pizzas in quick time for party guests and it still looks as good as new. I can fit my pop-up gazebo, table, kitchenette,flag, and much more inside the trailer, it has been such an added bonus having that storage space. It glides along fantastic at 60mph on motorways and I’ve towed it over some very muddy/icy/pot-hole/steep tough terrain. I’ve glided out of muddy fields while other food stalls are being towed by tractors! And still it looks great!

Your support at the beginning and the aftercare in the past 4 years has been brilliant. Although, little aftercare has been needed as the oven is so robust. I would highly recommend your oven to anyone serious about pizzas! It’s a fantastic piece of kit and I wish you every success in the future. Thanks for everything jay xx