Once you’ve chosen your Bushman wood fired oven you’ll need to buy the right kit to cook with. Most people thing tool kits are optional but get it wrong and the whole experience goes down the tubes – you won’t be able to cook without one!

The more comprehensive the kit the better the experience:

Elementary kit

  • Small fire basket
  • 7′ inch turning peel
  • 12′ inch placing peel
  • 14′ inch pizza bat

The elementary set gives you the basic bare bones. We don’t recommend buying this unless money is tight and you are expecting to get Christmas presents!

Basic Kit

  • small fire basket
  • small 7′ inch turning peel
  • 9′ inch dirty peel
  • 12′ inch placing peel
  • coal hook
  • brass brush
  • blow pipe
  • cutting wheel
  • flat bottom pizza ladle
  • 2 14′ inch wooden bats

Pro Kit

If you’re cooking 24/7 you need this kit. Why make life hard for yourself?
You get everything in the basic kit but with the pro 14′ inch perforated peel and the 6′ inch stainless steel pro turning peel replacing the 7′ inch turning peel and the 12′ inch placing peel.