When it comes to installing the oven there are two choices of interface each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

An inset mounting is the most basic form of installation. Your builder builds a stand out of block work and creates a floor slab for the oven to sit on. Insulation boards and tiles are added and the oven of your choice is then lowered onto the tiles and base giving a seamless interface.

Untitled-6100 mm and 300 mm teardrop stainless steel caps

If you already have a base prepared or if you want to install a support gas burner or there is the chance that you may wish to move your oven at some point, then you will need to choose either a 100 mm or a 300 mm stainless steel cap.


The stainless steel cap isn’t structural. It encases a galvanized steel frame onto which the oven of your choice is mounted. Most customers choose a teardrop stainless steel caps as it also reduces the amount of space needed to fit the oven.