115cm Commercial Wood Fired Oven Wide Mouth Organic

115cm Commercial Wood Fired Oven Wide Mouth Organic

A robust oven for serious cooks and entertainers, the 115cm model boasts a spacious interior, capable of cooking six pizzas simultaneously. Restaurants often push over 100 pizzas per hour through this oven, making it perfect for large gatherings and a variety of dishes.

The standard insulated oven is our best-seller. Its classic shape allows it to be turned on its side, fitting through any standard 80 cm door.

In recent years the wide-mouth organic has become very popular with clients wanting something more impressive the organic hog hand shaping of the mouth of the oven. Makes it stand apart from many of the other mass produced ovens. This oven is also chosen when the oven is built into a linear kitchen.

Bushman Wood Fired Oven features enhanced insulation for consistent heat retention, ensuring perfectly cooked pizzas even on the busiest shifts.

The oven’s commercial-grade refractory surface withstands extreme temperatures up to 1600°C. Also, allowing more light to reflect makes keeping an eye on progress easier.

Our upgraded flue features a larger diameter for improved airflow, reducing smoke and heat loss while ensuring safe and efficient cooking performance.

£11,747.40 inc. VAT

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*Bushman Wood Fired Ovens are individually handmade to order, and as a result there will always be variations in texture, colour and finish.

Our mounting options explained

There are several options for mounting wood-fired ovens. Below are the suitable methods.

inset mounting

Suitable for permanent stations of wood-fired ovens of all shapes and sizes. Not suitable for gas versions or gas combos.


  • Build A Sub Frame: Have your builder construct a sturdy sub frame from block work and cast a concrete slab on top.
  • Insulation Board: Place the insulation board on top of the concrete slab
  • Oven Floor: Set the floor of the oven on the insulation board.
  • Covering: Once the oven floor is in place, cover it with tiles or cast concrete to hide the oven floor.
  • Positioning The Oven: Roll the oven into place.

100mm stainless steel cap


  • Construction: You will still need a concrete sub-frame. Place the oven floor insulation on the sub-frame.
  • Assembly: Lift the whole assembly onto your polished concrete or tiles worktop.
  • Height: With worktops at 900mm, the 100mm stainless steel cap puts the oven opening at 1m, this is great for casual entertaining.

300mm stainless steel cap


  • Construction: Similar to the 100mm mount, but with a 300mm cap.
  • Height: When placed on a 900mm worktop, the oven floor is at 1.2m. This height is ideal for commercial catering or heavy use.
  • Benefits: Having the oven at this height reduces the risk of injuries common with lower-mounted ovens. The 300mm cap also provides a fantastic storage space under the oven, benefiting from a bit of residual heat transfer. This  makes it an ideal place to store plates and proving dough.


The 100mm and 300mm mount caps can be paired with our rustic galvanised frames and are suitable for all gas and wood gas ovens.

Advantages of using a stand

  • Mobility: The oven can be moved easily in the future.
  • Flexibility: A kitchen can be built around the oven once it has been positioned.

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