80cm Commercial Wood Fired Oven 100mm Mount

80cm Commercial Wood Fired Oven 100mm Mount

Whether you are running your Bushman oven on wood only or with dual fuel, our ovens will cost you less to run than any other oven on the market. We have a wide range of bespoke UK handmade ovens to meet your exacting requirements. With a warranty of up to 10 years, what’s not to like?

This oven is great for small restaurants that are looking for a oven that can be dedicated to cooking specific dishes either indoors or outdoors in a beer gardens.

Depending on the style of oven we use up to 8 layers of reinforcing making them undoubtedly the most robust ovens on the market.

£10,199.56 inc. VAT

*Bushman Wood Fired Ovens are individually handmade to order, and as a result there will always be variations in texture, colour and finish.

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