so1I love the stand out trailer model. Of all the mobile options it’s my personal favorite. There are no speed limitations or restrictions for driving on the motorway. And if you think we’ve compromised on functionality, think again. We’ve managed to fit the most amazing compact kitchen into a trailer.

The back of the ape is now available as a towable trailer.

The different oven options offer lots of flexibility but a stand out trailer is still not for everyone. For one thing you’ll need extra gazebos and it may not draw the crowds in the same way a van conversion can. Each of the mobile oven unit options attracts a different ideal customer base so you really need to make sure that your choice matches your business plan.

You’re also going to need at least a good basic starting capital to get your business up and running. Not all of that goes on the oven and trailer – you’ll also need gazebos, generators and tools of the trade and that’s where so many people go badly wrong. Trying to do this on the cheap just doesn’t work.


So how do you know that you’re making the right choices? If you sign up for one of my free start up discovery seminars, you will be able to see a unit, we will cook together and I will be able to point out the pros and cons of each type for you. If the stand out unit is right for you then we can help you with your vision and get you on the road to success faster than anyone else.

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I know you may have your heart set on a horse box conversion and it may seem like the perfect solution for a mobile business but as with all business models there are some negatives to it. There are other options that may suit you better once they have been shown to you. So before you jump in head first come pay us a visit so that we can work through all the pros and cons.