• Inset Mounting


An inset mounting is the most basic form of installation, but you will need to have a non flammable base prepared to put the oven on. You will then put down the required insulation boards and the base of the oven.

To get a seamless interface you would also tile around the oven to make it look fantastic this will either be done as a DIY project or as a builder or landscaper project.

  • Teardrop

small teardrop mounting

If you already have a solid counter which is non flammable then you can go for the modern stainless steel done for you look in this solution the oven base will come on a galvanized steel frame with the insulation and the floor of the oven already built in. Simply seal the cooking tile into the base and then pop the oven onto the mounting and you are ready to go.

  • Rustic Wood

Oven stands 2

For those of you who like the rustic look or for those of you who want an alternative to the stainless steel frame then this may be the solution in this mounting the insulation board and the rectangular oven floor is already built into the surround. You can put this directly onto a solid non flammable surface or onto a brick built log store or of course you can have it with the completed rustic stand.