Deciding early who is going to be responsible for the stand is going to save you a truck of trouble. Its either going to be a brick built out door kitchen built by a brick layer or by yourself as a DIY project or you are going to buy an oven already on a stand here are the options:

  • Bespoke Built Brick

A bespoke built structure is something that you will get your builder or your landscaper to do for you you may well take it on as a DIY project but be sure you have designed the area properly, i cant tell you how many times I’ve been to site to install an oven on a layout designed by a so-called professional kitchen designer and they have the basics all screwed up.

So check out the page on basic layouts if you are buying an oven from me i will be happy to review your plans and make recommendations.

I’ve had more customers than I care to remember who have scrapped the architects drawings in favour of a suggested layout by me so if you are spending big money make sure you are getting advice from the right people my customers include 2 michalin star chefs pub chains restaurant chains and hundreds of customers who run businesses from mobile catering units believe me if i can get a compact kitchen capable of cooking 70 pizza per hour onto the back of a Piagio ape then i can help design something for your garden to you will just need to get someone in to interpret what i suggest without cocking it up with their own off the wall unproven ideas the ball is firmly in your hands on this one.

  • Pre-Built Non-Flammable Counter

If you have already built a counter and have come to our site for what ever reason then you could put in an inset base and tile around it or you could just tile the whole thing and put on one of our teardrop mountings or rustic mountings.

The first will require the services of a tiler or builder while the last two you could do on your own with a couple of friends bribed with beer and the promice of a dam fine pizza party.

  • Wooden Rustic Stand

The rustic wood en stand comes in three versions:

  1. Self assembly for those where access is tight
  2. Pre assembled with base mounted for those with good access
  3. Fully mounted and ready to go for those with easy and convenient access

By far the most popular is option 2 this method allows you to quite easily lift each part into the garden with a couple of burley mates bribed with the promise of beer and a fab pizza party.