Bushman Wood-Fired ovens are the market leader in domestic wood-fired ovens. And there are a number of very good reasons why that is the case.

Firstly our handcrafted ovens are technically better than anything else on the market.

Secondly, we go out of our way to ensure that our customers choose an oven that is perfectly suited to their needs. We will never sell you something that is not right for you, just to make a sale. And not a lot of companies can say that!

The three critical areas to think about are size, style and how you will mount it.


If you are cooking mainly for family and friends the small Bushman oven is more than up to the task. Our small oven is ideal for cooking thin base pizza in just 45 seconds. So don’t be hoodwinked by a commission driven, smooth talking salesman into buying a 6-8 pizza capacity oven. You just don’t need it and people who make the mistake of buying an oversized oven find that they just don’t use it.

Our smallest oven can cook a leg of lamb or accommodate a large roasting tin with ease – so it is well up to cooking a family feast. If, however, you are regularly entertaining more than 12 people we would suggest you purchase our medium -sized oven.


This is the fun bit. Like everything in life, it’s horses for courses – but it is important to choose a style that suits your surroundings, your cooking requirements and your budget.

We have three domestic wood-fired ovens to choose from. A standard uninsulated oven, a standard insulated oven and an insulated onion shaped oven.

The standard uninsulated oven is great and perfect if all you want to cook are the basics. It is a perfect choice if you are only going to use the oven occasionally and primarily for pizza. As it is uninsulated the dome radiates heat which can be very useful to keep guests warm on slightly chilly evenings. But as soon as you remove the heat the oven will start to cool. That said, you can get a lot of pizzas cooked in the time it takes for the temperature to drop from 300 degrees centigrade to 70 degrees centigrade – at which point the oven is no longer cooking. But if you continue to feed the fire inside the oven you can cook till the cows come home! I have cooked a piece of pork for 8 hours at 120 degrees centigrade which kept it wonderfully moist and then ramped up the fire to cook pizza and pittas to serve with the pulled pork wraps. To complete the meal I have often cooked a long slow apple crumble in the cooling oven. Absolutely delicious!

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This oven is perfect for cooking for up to 12 people.

Our standard insulated oven takes over 12 hours to cool down and so it is perfect for cooking just about anything. And because it is thoroughly insulated you get a much more even cooking experience.

If you choose our onion shaped insulated oven you are getting a real head turning statement piece. This oven is really a work of art which is visually impressive in every way while delivering all the cooking efficiencies of our standard insulated oven.


Once you have decided the size and style that suits you best it is absolutely vital that it is properly mounted and installed to suit your entertaining area and to make cooking a real joy rather than a backbreaking chore!

Firstly you must decide how best to enclose the concrete floor slab so that it complements your outdoor area perfectly.

Your oven is an investment that will give you many years of pleasure. You may well want to take it with you when you move house. So you must get the basics right. Unless you are experienced DIY people we would recommend that you use a reputable firm of local landscapers or builders.

For a comfortable and satisfying cooking experience you want the floor to be at exactly the right height. Build it too low and you will forever be bending over and burning things! Build it too high and you will find it uncomfortable to use. As a rule of thumb the correct height for a floor is 1m to 1.15m from finished ground level. (Please note that this is a lot higher than a standard kitchen work surface).

Sadly we have seen many people waste thousands of pounds building oven stands that are too low and so cooking becomes a backbreaking experience. So get the height just right.


Your oven can be delivered with three different types of base or mountings to make it more or less movable.

If you want your oven totally built into your garden then you should choose the inset base. However, once the oven is in place it cannot be moved. This is a point really worth thinking about. You will also need someone skilled to do the cement work.

Alternatively, you build the block work topped with a concrete slab, to a height of about one metre. Lay the insulation boards on top and then tile level with the oven floor casting. Finally, just position the oven on top of the exposed insulation boards and seal the joint.

Our capped teardrop base is delivered to you with its floor already supported by a galvanised steel frame. The insulation boards are already in place, encased in a stainless steel trim. This oven not only looks spectacular but it is relatively easy to lift and take it with you when you move home. As for fitting instructions – there are none! You simply position the oven with its stand on any non flammable surface at any angle you choose.

Our rustic wooden box surround comes with a steel support and underfloor insulation already fitted. This is the easiest option for DIY enthusiasts who want to do the block work themselves. Get the size just right and then you simply put the boxed part onto the walls you have built. If you move, you can simply move the oven and its boxed section. (You can see how we created an outdoor cooking space for one of Alan Titchmarsh’s ‘Love Your Garden’ TV shows in 2015.

As far a fitting instructions go – there are none! Simply lift the stand into the garden (or assemble it if access is tight) and then lift the oven onto the stand and the job is done and dusted. Light the fire and start cooking.


To help you make the very most of your oven we have developed three tool kits which will give you the utensils you need to making wood-fired cooking a real joy. These three kits we call:

  • The Bare Essentials
  • The Standard Tool Kit
  • The Deluxe Pro Pack


All Bushman Wood-Fired Ovens now come with a chimney and a flue so that any smoke can be easily vented away from you and your neighbours.

The flue helps the oven draw, keeps it clean and makes it easier to light. Exiting the oven either vertically or at 45 degrees makes no difference to performance but if you want to set up your oven in an open kitchen arrangement then a vertical exit is the right choice. If you want to build a roof over your outdoor kitchen we would strongly recommend then a 45 degree exit is preferable as you can then extend the chimney to the back wall before exiting through the roof. For free standing ovens should have at least 1m of flue plus a cowl and connector.

All bushman woodfired ovens are DEFRA approved and can be used in all smoke controlled areas. This is important if you live in a city centre or in an area covered by smoke control.


Before you go ahead with the purchase of a Bushman Wood-Fired Oven you need to decide how closely you want to measure the heat your oven produces. Wood fired ovens operate at very high temperatures and so you can’t really use standard temperature recorders and laser thermometers just don’t do the job.

When cooking pizza, the floor temperature is critical and a floor temperature is not something that can be retrofitted, so you must make this decision before you order.

For long slow roasting the air temperature is hugely important. We always build a pathway for air temperature probes into the ovens at manufacture so you can fit one at the time you install, but after installation a retrofit is very difficult to do.

The final temperature probe we offer is a residual heat probe. This gives you an exact measurement of all retained heat. This allows you to plan multiple dish cooking and is important for baking as it helps you establish when your oven has reached a balanced temperature.


We hope you have learned a little about the lengths we go to at Bushman to create ovens that are perfectly matched to our customers needs.

If we have whetted your appetite for our products and would like to find out more please send us your contact details and we will be delighted to send you a free copy of our 16 page Guide to Bushman Wood-Fired ovens.

The more you know the more you will be convinced that we have a model to perfectly suit your requirements.

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