Large Commercial Oven Specifications


Image Courtesy Watch House Cafe, Bridport

Please call for more info on the pricing structure our large bushman woodfired ovens.

The oven shown is a large standard insulated oven on a 100MM stainless steel cap.

Our Large Commercial Wood Burning Oven is ideal for restaurants and fast food outlets wanting to have the authentic  taste of wood fired pizza

This oven has double the internal floor space of the medium oven a whopping 1 square meter of cooking space . While the dimensions of this oven are almost identical with the domestic large oven the commercial oven is made from a much higher grade of refractory which has enhanced reinforcing at 3 levels to ensure that the oven can withstand the abuse typical of a hard working commercial kitchen.

This oven has been installed both indoors in busy commercial take away outlets and outdoors in  pub gardens and beach cafes.  Please have a look at our testimonials.

Inside the oven circle are 4 x 1″ 25mm thick Heavy duty refractory tiles.  Once heated these tiles keep the oven warm for hrs enabling you to cook all types of Mediterranean  dishes, and slow roasts .

The Large Commercial Wood Burning Oven package includes:

  • The Oven floor including 4 replaceable hand made high density oven floor cooking tiles.
  • The Commercial Oven Dome hand made in one piece and reinforced for ultimate strength.
  • A stainless steel wedge door and Rain Cap.


Internal size 115 cm circle
Length 143 – 156 cm
Width 126 – 137 cm
Door size 42 x 25(H) cm
Height of Oven Interior 41 cm
External Height: oven floor to top of dome 47 – 107 cm
Height from oven floor to flue exit 45 – 65 cm
Allowance around edge of oven 10 cm

Numbers vary according to style, insulation and customer requirements. Please get in touch to discuss your specific needs.


Oven floor 110 kg
Oven dome – uninsulated 170 kg
Whole weight when insulated 650 kg

Our commercial range of ovens has been tested and complies with the current UK legislation for a class one indoor solid fuel appliances.

The Floor of our oven is cast in one piece except for the replaceable tiles,  making it quick and easy to set up. The dome of the oven is hand made in one piece so no special skills are needed to set the oven up.

It can be set up in 3 easy steps:

  1. Build the Base, or order one of our quick assemble stands to make this even easier.
  2. Put the floor of the oven on the base and fit the loose cooking floor tiles.
  3. Put the Oven dome on the base.

That is all that you need to do, then light your curing fires and within a day you can start cooking!

When Installing an oven indoors it will be necessary to meet current UK building regulations for class one fires and flues  and the flue pipes will need to be installed by a qualified engineer.

Delivery to most England destinations 9am-5pm on a Friday is now included in the list price, a surcharge will apply to deliveries to Scotland, and offshore destinations.

Download the Technical Drawings of Uninsulated Domes:

For standard insulated and onion shaped ovens please phone for template.

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